Do I really need Social Media for my business?

The answer is yes. Let me explain why.

  • Just because you do not take an interest in social media doesn't mean social media doesn't take an interest in you. There are people leaving reviews of your products, complaining, and asking questions. You might not see all of that, but your potential customers and employees will. Research shows that 80% of people will Google your company (or the product category) before buying or going for an interview.
  • Social media is where your target audience is. Apart from maybe a couple of rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses are on social media. Every popular social media platform has a bigger reach than all TV channels combined.
  • Social Media Marketing doesn't look like an ad. No doubt, TV, radio, and billboards were once powerful. However, at some point there was so much advertising that people became immune to it and our minds learned to filter out anything that looks like an ad. The whole idea of social media is to be informational and entertaining as opposed to being promotional. And this way it still works for, surprisingly, promotion.
  • Social Media marketing creates trust and loyalty by eliminating the feeling of being a "corporation", a system that is made to only suck the money out of the customers. Social media shows that there are real people working for the company.
  • Social media facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. People don't listen to companies, they listen to friends. So when they see a friend on Facebook liking a company page, they are more inclined to believe that they truly sell good products.

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Why do I need a Social Media Marketer?

No, we aren't just scrolling on Facebook. Here's a snippet of some of the tasks SMART iNKLING will be managing for you....

  • Managing a publishing calendar;
  • Scheduling posts;
  • Curating content;
  • Monitoring brand mentions and keywords;
  • Engaging with customers and partners
  • Reviewing analytics and determining next steps;
  • Running experiments to optimize social media posts.

What is the importance of a brand logo?

  • A logo is an important part of your company's brand, and makes a significant impact on a company's public perception. In fact, a logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make. A logo can be described as the face of a company. Any products, literature, or information sent from or received by your company should reflect this logo .